Thursday, February 22, 2007

First Negative News Of Spring

Spring Training is supposed to be all about optimism, that is until the injury bug starts to hit. The Mets have had their first scare of the Spring, with Orlando El Duque Hernandez shipped up to New York for an examination. He reportedly has a pain in the neck, and he ain't talking about Jimmy Rollins. It turns out it's... arthritis. Yes, we know the Mets have some older guys on the team, but seriously, arthritis? Anyway, El Duque's headed back down to Florida, where he should resume workouts in a few days, and everyone's saying he's fine.

There's yet another Mets blog attempting to deliver all the news that your bandwidth can handle, it's called MetsHeads and you can find it at

Finally, since there's no real Mets news to talk about, I hope you'll excuse me for posting some non-Mets related news:

On February 15th, the Hershey Co. announced that they were cutting 1,500 jobs over three years as part of a plan to scale back production lines and move some manufacturing to Mexico. This really struck a chord with me because when I visited Hershey PA my wife and I learned that during The Great Depression, instead of laying off workers, founder Milton Hershey employed people to build such structures such as The Hotel Hershey, a community center, a theatre, a sports arena and a stadium in the chocolate factory's town in Pennsylvania.

My wife and I have now set up a website,, where we've laid out our plans to help save the jobs at risk. We've set up a petition for people to sign, and we plan on sending one Hershey's Kiss to CEO Richard Lenny for every person who signs the petition by July 7th (Chocolate Day). Our goal is 3,000 signatures, one for each job at stake. We also hope to start a letter writing campaign, where people will send letters to Richard Lenny and ask him not to go forward with the layoffs.

Please check out the site, sign the petition, and tell five friends about this movement. It turns out 3,000 jobs are at stake!!

Thank you. We now resume our regularly scheduled Mets related blog.

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