Monday, February 19, 2007


This was always my favorite time of year. After months of sports pages featuring barely a mention of baseball news, finally camp would break and we'd start to get some real nuggets of Mets knowledge. Newsday, The Daily News, and even The NY Post all did a fine job of reporting the goings on at Port St. Lucie. Not much really was ever going on down in Florida, mind you. A new acquisition would make his first appearance in a Mets uniform, or someone who had a lousy season the year prior would predict big things in the upcoming months. New batting practice uni's might debut, and the up and coming pitching prospects would be hyped beyond sufficiently.

Now, suddenly, it's different. Now every newspaper has a blogger to accompany their articles, posting photos, and then there's the full-time bloggers (who do an outstanding, tireless job), keeping us up to the minute on what's happening. And suddenly it seems there is so much happening! Even though nothing is really happening. That's a downfall of teh information age - too much information. It's the same plague that causes 24 hour news networks to analayze poll results 24 months before an election! How do I sort through the clutter. A big to-do was made about Lastings Milledge not showing up to camp early! Not late, but not early! Finally, he does report, a day early, but we wonder if it's early enough. I am exhausted!

I have felt a little bad about not posting much here lately, but really, what do I have to offer amidst the clutter? So, at least from now until Opening Day, my resolve for this space is to try and sort through the clutter for you. If you want every tidbit of news that comes through, the links on the right side of this page will get you started nicely. Otherwise, I'll do my best to post the most newsworthy of the items, along with my trademarked sardonic commentary where appropriate.

Happy Spring!

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