Thursday, February 15, 2007

Meat Loaf Is A Moron

A friend of mine said he read somewhere that the title of Meat Loaf's latest album, Bat Out Of Hell III - The Monster Is Loose, is a reference to Mike Piazza. My buddy, knowing how much of a fanatic I am, asked me if I felt any allegiance to Meat because he made a Mets reference.

My response? HELL NO!

I know Meat Loaf is a baseball fan, but he is also an unabashed Yankees fan. In 1978 he was a Yankees fan, he's playing a Yankees guitar on his website, and he's even arranged for his ashes to be scattered over Yankee Stadium when he dies..

So, no, I feel no allegiance to the guy because the name of his lousy new album misquotes John Stearns, (um, the monster is "out of the cage," not "loose.") Go here to see video proving that MeatLoaf didn't even see the game or the quote that inspired him so much. He read it in a newspaper.

Besides all that, mostly I can't stand Meat Loaf for the simple reason that his music stinks (Paradise By The Dashboard Light is only good if you're a wedding DJ and you need to use the restroom) and because nowadays when the fat old man does duets with young women he looks really creepy, like he's going to eat them or something.

Meat Loaf can take his Mike Piazza reference and go to (bat out of) hell.

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