Saturday, March 24, 2007

Transplanted ex-Mets News: Disappointing Pitchers

Here's an update on a trio of ex-Mets who disappointed Mets fans with their pitching performances:

Jae Seo misses the Mets: Matt Cerrone passes along a translation of a recent Jae Seo quote: “I really want to finish my career as a Met. But 'til then I'd like to stay in Tampa because I love the coaching staffs and trainers here.” What the heck does that mean? He wants to come back to the Mets when he's no longer good enough to make the Devil Rays?

Victor Zambrano thanks the Mets: Hot Foot passes along an article in the Daily News where Zambrano says "I was working 200%, because I knew I wasn't 100% with my arm... what can I say? I appreciate everything they did for me. I know they made a good effort to keep me there, but that's what happened, and all I can say is thank you and move on."

Braden Looper will face the Mets, as a starter: Braden Looper has cracked the Cardinals starting rotation and will pitch either Tuesday April 3rd or Wednesday April 4th against the Mets in St. Louis, in the first series of the season. If you're worried about the Mets rotation, just be glad we're not counting on Looper to have quality starts.

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