Thursday, March 22, 2007

Where's Mike V?

What a week! I'm taking graduate school classes two night a week, after work, and I've had two business trips in the last two weeks, making the last 10 days a whirlwind tour that makes me feel like a catcher who just got nailed at the plate. Or maybe like an East Coast team being subjected to 10 games on the West Coast in August. Anyway, I'm tired. Luckily, it's Spring Training, and after class last night I was able to listen to the Mets beat the Dodgers on WFAN on the way home. I love the way a 50,000 watt AM station signal can travel a thousand miles at night!

Here are the 4 best starters this Spring:

Tom Glavine
Mike Pelfrey
John Maine
Oliver Perez

The other contenders, El Duque, Park, Sele and Sosa have been pretty underwhelming. The Mets don't actually need a 5th starter until 4/15, so if I were Omar I would use El Duque's injury as an excuse to hold him back for extended Spring Training until then. Release Park, let Sele stew in AAA and let Sosa pitch from the 'pen.

Speaking of the 'pen, here are the Mets best relievers this Spring:

Joe Smith

These 3 will make the team, as will Billy Wagner and Aaron Heilman, who hasn't been that great. The other 2 slots will go to a combination of Sosa, Burgos, or Jon Adkins. Burgos and Sosa started out strong but haven't pitched as well lately. Adkins has been lousy. Adkins performance doesn't merit the job but he has no options and if he doesn't make the club he would have to be traded or released. I think it will be Adkins and Sosa, even though my pick would be to use Jason Vargas who was sent down to New Orleans too soon.

More to come... Thanks for sticking with me! Too much transplanting lately!

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