Saturday, April 07, 2007

Glavine's Back On My Hate List

With apologies to the great Metstradamus, Tom Glavine's back on my hate list. I had finally gotten over my anger over his pathetic first 2.5 years at Shea, his whining about getting to 300 wins, and even his waffling this past offseason, when I read a blurb in the Daily News yesterday that he was "noncommital" about next season, leaving open the possibility of returning to Atlanta for 2008. Then, before the game lst night, the guy was practically in tears about picthing against his BFF John Smoltz. So, when he departed the game on the short side of the score yesterday, I had mixed emotions. Naturally I want to beat the Braves, but I also was OK with Glavine not notching closer to 300 a day after indicating that he might want to finish his career with our rivals. I mean, c'mon guy! So much for that crap he told Schmuck & His Lap Dog this offseason that even if the Braves had matched the Mets offer he wouldn't necessarily have returned South. Yeah, right. As long as "The Confederacy" offered anything Glavine could have accepted without pissing off The Union, he would have been gone faster than you could whistle Dixie.
Mike V's Met Of The Game: Nobody

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