Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Vote For Pedro Keith!

Rawlings is compiling an all-time gold glove team, and right now Keith Hernandez is losing to Don Mattingly. Puh-lease. Hurry to Rawlings Website and cast your vote. I like this because they don't require you to register or anything to cast your vote. That's good. Me hate SPAM.

What I don't think is good is the cartoon depictions of the players you pick after your ballot is cast. Check out my ballot:
OK, Bob Gibson is black, Johnny Bench is white, Keith Hernandez is... yellow?

And what a pathetic representation of his pushbroom!

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Neil said...

Hey Mike,

You probably know but you may want to let your readers know that Direct TV gives the first week free of their baseball package. Anyone with direct TV can catch all the Mets games for the first week, starting on channel 735 and above.