Monday, May 14, 2007

A Good Time To Be A Mets Fan

So our team took three of four from the Diamondbacks, two of three from the Giants, and now two of three from the Brewers. That's a pretty sweet roll. David Wright is finally back to his old self, and even Carlos Delgado doesn't look like an automatic out anymore. We lost Jose Valentin to injury, but Damion Easley is beating the crap out of the ball. Moises Alou is down, but the Carlos Gomez era has begun and it looks pretty damn good one game in!

Ya gotta feel for Lasting Milledge right now. The guy silenced all the critics in Spring Training to earn a spot on the Opening Day roster but couldn't get a start because Green and Alou were both hitting over .400. So he goes back to The Big easy to "work on what he'll be for the Mets for the next 15 years." He hits well down there but goes down with a leg injury and is on the DL the first time there's an opportunity for a call up.

Now, of course this is highly unlikely, but what will the Mets do if indeed it does seem as though F-Mart, Carlos Gomez and Lastings Milledge all are the real deal? There's just three outfield positions, and it would kill you to trade any of them, or Carlos Beltran. These are nice problems to have, folks.

Transplanted ex-Met Cliff Floyd returns to Shea tonight. I'm sure he'll get a real nice ovation.

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