Saturday, May 19, 2007

These Guys Calling Themselves The Yankees?

Wow. Even though I knew they were having a bad year, when Ron Darling read off the starting lineup for the Yankees I thought to myself, "Boy, this is a tough offense." Then the game started and from the very first play we saw what makes our Mets special. Johnny Damon rips what should have been an easy double down the left field line but our man ENDY races over picks up the ball spins and fires to Easley in time to nail Damon sliding into second. Oliver Perez, who looked very excited in that first inning, barreled down to throw 7 1/3 beautiful innings, marred only by a Hideki Matsui two run shot into the loge seats in right. But of course the Metropolitans had a homer of their own to match it - not by Beltran, Delgado or Wright, but how about ENDY! ENDY! ENDY! Billy The Real Sandman Wagner comes in to close the door in the ninth and how sweet it is.

But my favorite play of all, perhaps the most telling for me, was when Jose Reyes pretended to drop a line drive in order to try and turn a double play. In fast motion I have to admit it fooled me, but on the slow mo replay it was the funniest thing I've seen on a baseball field in a long time. Jose Reyes places teh ball on the ground, lifts up his hand, and then reaches down and grabs it again. You HAVE to scour the internets for a clip of this. Man, I love this team. They are so loose, and yet so professional too, and they win. Can you imagine that happening on even the Mets teams of 1999 and 2000? Those teams always pressed against the Yankees and Braves. Wow, I am really excited for game two today at 3:55 on FOX!

Mets Win, 3-2. Met of the Game: ENDY!

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