Monday, May 07, 2007

How Many Logos Do The Arizona Diamondbacks Need, Already?

I might be the only one stunned by the news that Roger Clemens is going back to the friggin Junkees. I know he's a friggin Yankees lover and all, that he wants to go into the hall as a 'Skank and all that but still, please.

Here's a chance to write a storybook ending to your career, go back to the team where you had the most success, the team with the best chance of going to the series. With the seasons Beckett and Schilling and even DiceK are having, you could throw five decent innings every fifth day and still be a hero in Boston. Instead, you head to a last place team where you need to be a savior and there's a gd circus going on every day. Stupid jackass.

Thanks a lot, Willie, for trotting out your B-Squad on a day when you have your fifth starter throwing who could seriously use some run support. Plus, it would have been really cool to sweep a four game set in the desert for the third straight year. But, nooo. Now we have to head to that clusterf*** in the Bay. I can't wait.

Here's the real problem with the Diamondbacks. Their graphic design people are working on overdrive. Seriously, how many logos does a team need? It's getting to be re-god-damn-diculous. They should trade a graphic artist for a corner outfielder. Maybe they would be more successful then.


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Len said...

This is your funniest blog entry this month. I was crying I was laughing so hard.