Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I'm Done

I'm Done trying to stay up till a million o'clock trying to watch West Coast Mets games.  I tried last night and only managed to flutter in and out of consciousness for a few innings before zonking out entirely.  Then I woke up exhausted and miserable at 7:30AM, knowing the last image I saw before dreamland was a 9-3 deficit.  Forget it.  SNY runs a Mets FastForward at 6AM daily.  Sign me up for that tomorrow morning.  I'd rather go to bed at a decent hour and wake up early, easing into the day than the alternative.  And tomorrow is a day game (3:35 East Coast time) so I'll be good for some Gameday Audio then.  But I won't forget this strategy the second week of June when the Mets head to LA, or in July at San Diego.  By the way, why the hell did the schedule makers break up the west Coast trips like that?  Conspiracy, I tell ya!  Conspiracy!

Friggin Barry Zito.  Friggin' catchers named Molina.  Friggin Keith Hernandez talking about how great San Francisco is.  Friggin friggin.


Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Oh no. You know what's gonna happen. You vow not to watch the game, head to bed -- and will be the day that Mike Pelfrey tosses the first no-no in team history!

Len said...

Mike, why don't you DVR or Tivo the games, then FFd through the highlights the next morning before work? Works like a peach for me.