Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tough Transplanted Ex-Mets

On, Jerry Crasnick runs down the toughest players in baseball. Toughest ex-Met on the list? Ty Wigginton, who placed #5 on the list:

If Eric Byrnes is known as the Crash Test Dummy, then Wigginton should forever be regarded as the Human Four-Car Pileup. "This guy will run into, over or through anybody or anything," said Washington Nationals reliever Ray King. Just ask catcher Koyie Hill, who suffered a broken ankle while being steamrolled by Wigginton, or Yadier Molina, whose cage was similarly rattled. Wigginton isn't the most skilled or graceful athlete. But he's a grunting, snorting, collision-inducing machine.
Meanwhile, Tom Glavine took 9th place on Crasnick's list, while David Wright, Pedro Martinez and transplanted ex-Mets Mike Cameron and Jeff Kent received honorable mentions.

Wow, what a week for Glavine, huh? First he wins his 300th, and now this? Man, what a prestigious honor!

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