Thursday, January 17, 2008

Name Doug's Kid!

Doug in the comments section of the previous post, has a son due in two months, and presumably a very patient spouse.  He says he's looking for "just the right Met name" for his new kid.
He says Shea is in the running, but it's too feminine and too Irish.  Doug, don't forget that Larry Chipper Jones named his daughter Shea in honor of how well he hit in the ballpark.  If that's not the biggest kick in the teeth to Mets fans I don't know what is.  I think Shea is still a good dog name, though.  Next dog I have I might name after Chipper's daughter.
Seaver is another option for Doug.  I like this idea.  I'd probably cast my vote for this one.
I named my dog Mookie, but that would probably give your Jewish grandmother some agita.
Let me throw a few names out there:
Tug (but I hope you're a better dad than McGraw was)
Murphy (but you thought Shea was too Irish)
Other suggestions, readers? 

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