Sunday, December 21, 2008

Heat is On Manuel: Bobby Valentine on Japanese Farewell Tour in 2009

While Jerry Manuel got the Mets to perform well enough to have his "interim" tag removed as manager, the two year deal he recieved offers no guarantees for a long tenure at the helm.  And with the news today that Transplanted ex-Mets manager and fan favorite Bobby Valentine will not be offered a contract extension by The Chiba Lotte Marines after his current four-year deal expires at the end of 2009 season, the heat is offically on Jerry Manuel.  The media loves Jerry because of his candor, but Mets fans have him on short leash after the September collapse of 2008.

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Mets Guy in Michigan said...

I miss Bobby V! I always wonder if he could have got more out of those early decade teams than Howe did.