Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mets News: 7 Packs Will Not Be Offered
at Citi Field in 2009

Past holders of Shea Stadium 7 Packs/8 Packs received letters in the mail today that 7 packs will not be available at Citi Field next year but *GREAT NEWS* they'll be able to buy a 15 Game pack in a couple weeks.

I have not missed an Opening Day in as long as I can remember. For the past few years, Opening Day sold out so quickly that the only way my friends and I could score tix to the home opener was to buy a 7 or 8 game package that included Opening Day. A few years back it was a pretty good deal, as the package would also include a vs. Yankees game and other choice games. Then they pulled the Yankees games out of the packs but left in other good games. Then they upped the pack to eight games and reduced the quality of the oppponents. Last year's Opener Pack was so pathetic, filled with weeknight games to lousy opponents... Now they've upped the pack to fifteen games! You be the judge:

If you NEED to be at Opening Day, this is your shot: A 15 Game package, starting at $269:

MondayApril 137:10 p.m.San Diego Padres
TuesdayApril 287:10 p.m.Florida Marlins
ThursdayMay 77:10 p.m.Philadelphia Phillies
TuesdayMay 127:10 p.m.Atlanta Braves
WednesdayMay 277:10 p.m.Nationals
ThursdayJune 117:10 p.m.Philadelphia Phillies
ThursdayJune 251:10 p.m.St. Louis Cardinals
ThursdayJuly 97:10 p.m.Dodgers
TuesdayJuly 287:10 p.m.Colorado Rockies
MondayAugust 37:10 p.m.Diamondbacks
MondayAugust 177:10 p.m.Giants
ThursdayAugust 207:10 p.m.Atlanta Braves
MondayAugust 241:10 p.m.Philadelphia Phillies
WednesdaySeptember 97:10 p.m.Florida Marlins
TuesdaySeptember 227:10 p.m.Atlanta Braves


So, this will in all likelihood be the first year I don't make it to Mets Opening Day. Even if I were willing to spend the $269 there's no way I'd be able to make it to many weeknight games in Queens since I live and work in Central Jersey.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

I also got the "good news" that I am now eligible to buy a Mets 15-pack. The second I heard that the new stadium is smaller than Shea by over 10,000 seats, I knew that it would impact fans like me (I'm also from Central Jersey, so even getting to 7 games per season with 3 young kids was tough).

I hope someone makes an issue of this in the press.


Mike V said...

Hey Pat,

Yeah, and how about that Thursday afternoon game in July? Nice of them to throw that one in there too.