Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mike V's First Prediction Of The Year

Freddy Wilpon made his prediction for the 2006 season yesterday, saying the team is ready to "take off," so in honor of his prognostication, I'll make one of my own. I should note that my predictions are almost wrong, but here goes anyway:

Bret Boone, who is competing for the second base job with Metsui, Keppinger and Hernandez, will have an outstanding spring... and then will be traded for pitching before Opening Day.

I just really can't see the Mets giving the job to Boone. Long term, they have to be rooting for Keppinger or Hernandez to win the job, and they'd probably be happy to see Kaz do better, just to vindicate the "scouts" who wanted to sign him in the first place. But Boone, at the end of his career and with a miniscule contract, is much more valuable as trade bait.

So, we'll see. Don't let me forget to look back at this prediction on April 3rd!

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