Thursday, March 09, 2006

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (and Kidneys)

Some ailment notes:

The most famous toe in baseball is still an issue. So much so that when Pedro said the bullpen mounds in Port Saint Elsewhere were too hard, Freddy Wilpon had bulldozers come in and level them. No kidding! Someone should tell Pedro to pass along the word to Mr. Wilpon that the "hot" pretzels at Shea are cold and slimy. What Petey wants, Petey gets!

Today we also learned that Clifford Floyd has kidney issues. Oh, boy. Apparently his father passed away at a young age from kidney failure, and our leftfielder's kidneys are only operating at 48% efficiency right now. He's peeing blood, and he's been ordered to cease and desist with the fast food, soda, and salt. Get this man a salad! Seriously, this is not good, baseball aside. Hopefully Cliff will be all right. Even professional baseball players have to watch their diets.

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Tubby said...

Cliff's father is still alive. He almost died at 35, but he got dialysis and is still around. I think I got this info from Newsday thursday March 9.