Tuesday, March 07, 2006

World Baseball Classic

Sometimes I feel like the only guy who thinks the world Baseball Classic is cool. I'm real happy to be able to see real games played in March, instead of half-hearted exhibition match-ups with only one or two starters that last through the game more than a few innings. I hope I'll be able to watch a couple games. I think this thing is gonna be big. Don't forget, nobody thought the Superbowl was a big deal it's first year, either.

While I was away in San Francisco, my TiVo recorded a couple Mets spirng training matchups, one against Puerto Rico. I have a lot of TV to catch up to!

One thing that made my cross-country flights more enjoyable was listening to MLB Radio's daily podcast on my iPod. Everyday is a half hour show that is essentially a "best of" from that day's MLBRadio's broadcast. Yesterday I listened to Tommy Lasorda preach about how great the WBC was, and I also heard Darryl Strawberry report from Mets Spring Training. I highly recommend the podcast!


Tubby said...

Listen, tell me how to get one of these 'podcasts' on my wife's IPOD. Will this cost me anything?

Mike V said...

No, it's free. Just go to itunes and click on the music store, and then go to podcasts. type in MLB and it will come up right away. Especially being outside the WFAN broadcast area, it is really cool.

Tubby said...

I finally figured out how to get these podcasts (I feel like I'm turning into my dad when it comes to technology--he still can't work the VCR) and I wasn't all too impressed. The interviews I heard were boring, mostly fluff. Besides that, the IPOD itself is a real piece of doody IMO. Turns out Jenn had to re-format her computer at some point. Therefore, her ITUNES program was deleted. So now when I plug in the IPOD with 1000 songs already on it, the computer tells me "this ipod is already linked to a different itunes library." So, the only way I could add something new to this ipod was to delete EVERYTHING that already existed on the IPOD. So now all it has is 4 podcasts. I spent hours trying to figure this out. What a pain!

Mike V said...

I understand what you're saying about teh podcasts, but don't forget I don't get WFAN down here, so I am quite starved for baseball talk. The MLB podcast at least gives me a little something. The sports radio station down here talks about college sports way too much.

As for the ipod, even though you deleted itunes, your songs should still be on the computer. Check out apple.com and the support section - it should direct you how to reload the itunes with your library.