Sunday, March 12, 2006

I Despise Tom Glavine

I don't hate Tom Glavine just because he's stunk for the Mets. There are plenty of players who fit that description., and I don't have enough energy to despise all of them the way I despise Tom Glavine.

Tom Glavine has only done one thing consistently since he arrived in New York: whine.

Whine, complain, and make excuses. Questec computers, Roger Cedeno and Armando Benitez are all the scapegoats blamed for the fact that Tom Glavine's chase for 300 wins has stalled since joining the Mets. He talks about that 300 wins all the damn time. He comes off like such a selfish ass every times he mentions his goal to reach 300 wins. The only wins he should care about are team wins. I don't want to hear him talk about his personal win-loss record until he's retired.

It's been especially tough living in the South, with plenty of Braves fans around to remind me of the pitcher Glavine used to be.

And that's what makes his whole demeanor even rougher to swallow. The worst thing about it is that he's already a Hall of Famer based on his career stats. He doesn't need to hit that number to reach the Hall.

Even this year, when Freddy W and Omar have compiled a team that gives him the best chance of reaching the World Series since signing with the Mets, he is still a whining, selfish, pain in the ass.

From David Lennon's column in Newsday, on June 10th:

Tom Glavine is a stickler for routine, so when the Mets shuffled his schedule to make him their contingency plan for Opening Day, he didn't seem overly thrilled about it.

Opening Day is the only game I know for sure I'll be watching from the seats at Shea, so I want to know that the guy who's on the hill for the Mets that day is thrilled to get the honor to pitching on Day One.

And now his old GM in Atlanta writes a book and exposes that Tom Glavine had serious second thoughts after agreeing to come to the Mets.

This guy is a real bastard. I honestly hope that teh Mets win every game he starts, but I hope he doesn't get credit for any of them. I'm begging for a bunch of late-inning, come from behind victories for the Mets when Glavine starts.

And here's my latest prediction: no matter how well or poorly he does this season, this off-season he'll sign with the Baltimore Orioles and rejoin his old pitching coach Leo Mazzone.

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