Saturday, March 18, 2006

Mets New Batting Helmets

How cool do the new Mets batting helmets look? Usually I am more of a traditionalist, but these are futuristic in a very cool way:

Delgado Franco

I don't know if they will use them in the regular season, but I guess it depends on if the players feel the vents or other features are helpful or not. I think they're cool looking though!

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Mike V. 2 said...

ok whatever, you go with your "cool" helmets and run!!!!! RUN!!!!!!!!

TheOrangeChannel-at-mac-dot-com said...

Looks like they used them in today's win. Good call. Melikey.


Anonymous said...

There is no orange in them! Where's the orange?! "The fans are true to the ORANGE and blue."