Friday, March 31, 2006

LoDuca Wants To Visit My Hometown

I grew up in Elmont, NY, and lived there for most of my childhood and young adulthood. Elmont isn't the same as when I grew up, but I know some things still remain, like King Umberto's Pizza, A Cut Above (nee John The Barber), Sapienza Bakery, Covert Avenue School, and Belmont Racetrack.

Paul LoDuca, the new Mets catcher, was born in Brooklyn, but moved to Arizona at age two. Still, he grew up a Mets fan and is excited about playing for his favorite team. He's also excited about living in New York, partially because he's a horse racing nut, and is eager to visit Belmont Racetrack. It's kind of cool to think that a Met is excited about visiting the place I grew up. I hope he's not disappointed, but this is an open letter to Mr. LoDuca that he should stop by Sapienza and grab a box of rainbow cookies and some Italian ices. Mmmmm....

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