Monday, March 27, 2006

Pedro Martinez' debut

Pedro Martinez finally pitched in a game yesterday, allowing just one hit over three innings. This puts him on target to pitch in the third game of the season, April 5th vs. the Nationals. There should be a good crowd at Shea that night, for an April Thursday, and Vinny at Metsville says the fans are in for an extra treat that night, because QueensrĊ¸che frontman Geoff Tate will be singing the national anthem.

I haven't heard who will be singing the anthem on Opening Day (though I hope it's not Glenn Close), but all this talk reminds me of the best version I've ever heard, which was during the 1999 playoffs. Believe it or not, it was Cindi Lauper. I can't explain to you exactly what made it so distinctive, but she did an a capella interpretation that was somehow so moving, and so interesting, but still very true to the version we are all accustomed to. Were any of my readers, I mean, were either of my readers in attendance that night that remember that memorable version?

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