Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Rain Delays Mets Win

My jubilation at the Mets tenacity, scoring in the 7th inning to recapture the lead they had blown, was put on hold as the umpires called for a rain delay heading to the bottom of the seventh. The Mets got screwed out of a chance to win in Philly last week due to a rain shortened game, and now they were going to have to sit through a rain delay. This time, however, with the Mets in front on the road and the inning not completed, they at least knew they would get a chance to close out the win, at some point.

I changed the channel to the YES network just in time to see Posada win the Yankees game. How is it that the Yankees lose Giambi, Sheffield, and Matsui to injuries and still manage to score 14 runs? Meanwhile, the Mets lose Zambrano and Brian Bannister, and start to stutter? Outrageous.

Well, I didn't stay awake long enough to see it, but after an hour-and-40-minute rain delay, the game was resumed, the Cardinals did not score, the Mets scored four more in the eighth, and the Mets won, 8-3 over St. Louis.

Cliff Floyd went 2 for 4, hopefully breaking out of his slump, and Glavine got the win while passing Sandy Koufax for 36th on the all-time strikeout list at 2,397. Koufax did it in 2,324 innings, Tom has pitched 4,011.

Even better was that the Phillies finally lost a game, and the Mets now have a two game lead.

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