Friday, June 23, 2006

California Bound

As the Mets get set to take on our neighbors to the North, I'm transplanting myself due West to San Diego, where I'll pay a visit to some transplanted ex-Mets, Michaels Piazza and Cameron. Thank goodness PETA has laid back on its boycott of all things PETCO, so I'm free to root for the home team tomorrow night. I may not be able to post this weekend, but I'll do what I can and I will post some pictures when I return.

Yesterday was a bittersweet day for me. I was so glad the Mets won, salvaging the split, but the afternoon start time and the presence of bigwigs in the office meant I could only periodically check the goings on via ESPN's Gameday updates. Alas, I missed Petey and his high socks and D-Wright's dingers. What a homestand though, huh? As Metstradamus said, it's quite amazing that the Mets...

have a 3-4 homestand against the bad Orioles and the we're not sure about them yet Reds, and not get hammered for it because a 3-4 homestand actually gains ground in this division.

Well said.

Oh, Canada!

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