Sunday, June 18, 2006

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Hear that? It's the sound of the Phillies season running out. The Mets drop two in a row and the Phillies still fail to make up any ground. The Mets won today, showing off the offensive prowess they'd flexed so much on the road trip, and negating the Phillies win today. The margin between first and second remains at 9.5 games. Wright hits a grand salami, Glavine becomes the major's first ten-game winner and Pedro Martinez must be getting jealous. Not to worry, Petey. You'll get your wins in October. Tick Tock Tick Tock.

Jon Stewart did a very funny interview during the game. Chris Cotter was way overmatched here. I can't rip on him too badly though. I have actually had the opportunity to interview Jon Stewart myself and he is just too funny on his feet. When I was in college my buddy and I had a TV show on the school's closed-circuit station. I interviewed Jon and accused him of stealing the idea for his MTV show, "The Jon Stewart Show" from our show. He was just too damned funny. Jon is a HUGE Mets fan. A few years after my interview with him, I got to spend about ten hours with him over the course of two days when he was promoting his hilarious book Naked Pictures Of Famous People. He was interviewed over the phone by radio stations around the country from the studio I worked at. I engineered the calls, and in between stations (and smoking breaks) we talked a lot of Mets baseball. If you want to see Chis Cotter's interview, it's available online at UPDATE 6/21: You tube.

Some commercials that annoy me:

On the radio, the commercial that really burns me up is the one for UPS. They have a 60 second spot about how boring baseball is. This is the commercial they run during baseball games, with an audience of baseball fans. I guess this is why I always use FedEx and the good old U.S. Postal Service for me shipping needs.

This really shouldn't get under my skin, but the television spots for Verizon are really stupid. It's a bunch of guys supposedly filming a documentary about Verizon customers. They stop people on the street, or invade their home, and ask them how they like Verizon. This would actually be a funny idea, if it wasn't completely, and utterly obviously, fake. Why does this annoy me so much??? It's not even an original concept. I remember radio ads for some other company that did man-on-the-street interviews. I remember they were much more realistic, but since I can't remember what the commercials were supposed to be advertising, it goes to show how innefective the ads are. Lame.

Can you believe they are still running ads for Craftmatic adjustable beds after all these years? The ads I remember best are when they gave away a free camera just for trying a Craftmatic. remember the old people saying, "I got my free camera!"


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