Friday, June 23, 2006

Hot Foot: David Wright Vs. Alex Rodriguez stats

Remember when it seemed we Mets fans would never get over the Mets failure to sign Alex Rodriguez. And then that failure was rubbed in our faces when he was "traded" to the friggin Junkees of all teams? For the past few years now we have laughed at how he's shriveled in the big moments, and when he actually tried to slap a ball out glove in the ALCS, and waffled back and forth about deciding whether or not to play in the WBC. Still, it's been a nervous laugh, as we marvel at Yankees fans who continue to boo the reigning American League MVP as he racks up astounding stats.

Well Mets fans, Paul Hlavaty of Hot Foot implies that we finally can stop having Hot Corner envy. Paul compares the stats so far this season of our very own golden boy David Wright, with those of the man we admittedly once called Shea-Rod. Unreal, really.

AVG .338 | HR 17 | RBI 60 | OBP .405 | SLG .601

AVG .281 | HR 15 | RBI 51 | OBP .395 | SLG .504

By the way, David Wright is earning $374,000 this season, compared to $25,680,727 (and no tents) for Alex.

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Anonymous said...

What a dumb list LIFETIME stats for both. Um, you might be hard-pressed to find anything beyond the SECOND HALF of 2004 for Wright.

Arod is one of the greatest baseball players of all time. These discussions are just ridiculous

I'm a Mets fan (REALLY) and I love Wright, but stop with the superficial stat comparisons. It's these kinds of discussions that make Mets fans (as a whole) look dumb. My God, at least wait a few years before we start this.