Monday, July 03, 2006

Profanity Laden Tirade

I have done my best to avoid using profanity on my blogs. I've tried to challenge myself to be a better writer by staying clean. I almost didn't even post tonight because I am so angry about the Mets that I honestly don't know how to express my frustration without a lethal combination of F-bombs.

The Mets are bad right now. So bad. So bad that people are coming out of the woodwork down here to comment on how bad they are playing. These are the same people who, during the offseason, were completely oblivious to Omar Minaya's offseason triumphs. People who don't even know who Omar Minaya is. People who six weeks ago were asking how the Mets were doing, completely unaware of the Mets dominance. But now? Now they start paying attention. Or something. At work I'm getting e-mails from vendors, asking what's up with the Mets. It's killing me!

What's also killing me is that I have to talk about Joe Morgan again. This guy annoyed the hell out of me Sunday Night, but I mention him because he bitched and bitched for like 17 innings about Willie leaving in Alay Soler for so long. Jon Miller speculated it was because Willie needed to save his long man Darren Oliver for the Monday game. Morgan said that was a bad decision because you need to do everything you can to win the game you're playing, not worrying about tomorrow's game. They talked on and on and on about it. Finally Soler was lifted, and Heath Bell came on, presumably because Oliver was getting the start tonight. So I tune in tonight, expecting to see Darren Oliver, and instead I see John Friggin Maine warming up. What the hell??? Kranepool says that even Darren Oliver thought he was getting the start tonight.

But no. Soler was sent down to Norfolk with a "calf injury" and John Maine was called up. Hey by the way am I the first guy to comment that John Maine looks like Beck?

Oh, another "by the way:" If you do an image search on Yahoo for "John Maine Mets" you'll get like 4 pictures of Anna Benson.

Yeah, so anyway Willie left Soler in for too long Sunday night so he could save Oliver for tonight's game, which he didn't even start, and sacrificed a possible win on Sunday for a game they didn't win on Monday. Just friggin' great.

Were these all of a sudden the Art Howe Mets? What was with all the runners left on base? Reyes and LoDuca set the table well, reaching base a combined five times between them, but the heart of the order Beltran, Delgado and Wright left them completely stranded. So much for the "where Reyes goes the team goes" theory.


By the way, Transplanted Ex-Met Kris Benson allowed six runs on nine jits in five innings in his last start for Baltimoreon Sunday in a 10-3 loss to Atlanta. Benson was pitching on three days rest.

Oh, and one last thing. If anyone thinks that Interleague play is going away anytime soon: think again.

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