Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Willie Drops Hammer on Feliciano; Mets Win

Before this afternoon's game Willie Randolph, in response to Feliciano's public second-guessing of the manager's pitching moves, said "I've been around winners my whole life. That's not what winners do."

The Mets showed what winners do do, by beating the Pirates in come from behind fashion, 7-6.If you decided to avoid the Mets game today in favor of more traditional Independence Day festivities, you missed Jose Reyes kneeing Cliff Floyd in the head and giving him a mild concussion. They were both going after a ball, and Cliffy tried to dive out of teh way but caught Reyes's knee in his big forehead. He's day-to-day. You missed the Mets scoring four runs to stake Tom Glavine to a 4-3 lead. You missed Aaron Heilman cough up Tom Glavine's lead and, with the bases loaded, walk in a run. You missed Xavier Nady finally come through with runners in scoring position, off Transplanted Ex-Met Roberto Hernandez in the bottom of the eighth to put the Mets up 7-6. You missed Billy Wagner's essentially uneventful ninth inning save. Mostly you missed the Mets finally win a damned game.

So there you go. Oh, you also missed this: Heath Bell has been optioned back to Norfolk and for the second time this season, it's Lima Time.

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