Sunday, July 02, 2006

So Damn Sloppy!

Notes from Sunday night's Mets/Yankees game, the rubber of the 3 game set. Only one word can describe this game: Sloppy!

Sloppy announcing: Jon Miller and Joe Morgan are unbearable to listen to. They provide zero insight. When Joe Torre had to pull Jaret Wright in the 2nd, Jon Miller explained that Torre did not want to have to pull his starter so early, especially with another game tomorrow night. No kidding Jon! Wow, really? A manager expects his pitcher to last into the third? Gee, willikers.

Sloppy pitching. Jaret Wright was bad; Soler was terrible. From coughing up a four run lead before you could blink to throwing away a ball on a pick off move to giving up a friggin salami to A-Rod, this guy pitched like a gutless weasel the whole time. During a Mets turn at bat, the cameras caught El Duque instructing Soler on how to go after hitters. Soler promptly walked the leadoff batter. In the midst of his third inning meltdown, Mullethead Peterson came out and implored him to throw strikes. Of course Soler kept throwing junk off the plate and the nightmare continued. Soler is a great fifth starter against bad teams in games that are meaningless. At home or in big spots, he comes up small.

Sloppy Shaving: What's with Juicin' Giambi and all that scruff on his face? I thought the Junkees had a no facial hair policy? Any Yankees fans out there who can explain this?

Sloppy Dress: My wife has a hard time with the baggy uniforms sported by guys like Cliff Floyd. She says that with the way the uniforms taper at teh bottom, wearing oversized uniforms just make them look fat. She thinks Jose Valentin wears the uniform the correct way. Listen Mr. Porn Star Mustache Man! Stay away from my girl, man!

Sloppy Baserunning: Speaking of Valentin, he was tagged out at the plate by Posada trying to score on Franco's double, partially because he failed to slide. Miller and Morgan beat this dead horse so bad you couldn't even tell it was a horse anymore, but they blamed Xavier Nady for not being in the right position to tell Valentin there would be a play at the plate.

Sloppy Fielding: In the bottom of the fourth, one pitch after David Wright saved a couple runs with a snare of a Bernie Williams grounder, throwing Giambi out at the plate with the bases loaded, Xavier Nady dropped a two-out fly ball hit by Andy Phillips, allowing two runs to score and making it 11-4 Yankees. The Junkees would score two more in the inning with a Melky Cabrera double off Heath Bell to make it 13-4. In the top of the fifth, Bernie Williams botched a play of his own, misplaying a Julio Franco fly ball that became a double, driving in Valentin to make it 13-5, but when the half inning ended, that was enough for me. This Transplanted Mets Fan has work in the morning. I look forward to facing Pittsburgh tomorrow and putting this interleague crap to rest until October.


Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Horrible! There were long stretches of the game where I turned the volume down just so I didn't have to listen to Joe Morgan!

Tubby said...

How do you get Mrs. Transplantedmetsfan to actually sit and watch the games with you? If I put on the mets game for 10 seconds, Mrs. Tubby gets pissed and leaves the room.