Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mike Piazza Night at Shea

Friday night was a lovefest for the Mets' former face of the franchise, but last night was the real Mike Piazza night as Mikey hit two long homeruns of Pedro Martinez and a third shot of Aaron Heilman that came with a few feet of a three-run homer. The first homerun was so thrilling that Piazza even gave a curtain call, which has to be a first for a visiting player at Shea. Ultimately, Pedro (9-4) and the Mets came away with the victory, their fourth straight, 4-3 over the San Diego Piadres.

When he hit that long fly-out off Heilman, Piazza and I had the same thought:
"I remember back to the last out of the World Series. I hit the ball good but not good enough. It was definitely bittersweet."

Speaking of bittersweet, Cliffy The Big Red Dog was put on the 15 day DL yesterday, and veteran actor Michael Tucker , perhaps best known for his role as Stuart Markowitz on L.A. Law, was called up to take his place.

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