Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tough Night To Be A Transplanted Mets Fan

It was hard not to get chills while watching Piazza step up to the plate last night at Shea Stadium. But while my buddies Tubby and Scott were at Shea Stadium, giving Mike a three minute standing ovation, causing Mike to doff his helmet several times before finally standing in against Stevie Trachsel, I was watching the game on TV, in North Carolina where the average person doesn't even know who Mike Piazza is, but a Dale Junior cameo in Talladega Nights sends cheers through a movie theatre.

Anyway, it was a great night for Piazza and an even better night for Steve Trachsel, who managed to improve his record to 11-5 with the Mets beating the Padres 3-2. Piazza went 1-4 while the new faces of the franchise shined for the Mets - David Wright drove in two runs, Carlos Beltran hit three doubles, and Jose Reyes stole two bases off Piazza.

Meanwhile, franchise-player-to-be Lastings Milledge drew the ire of the crowd by grounding into a double play with the bases loaded and no outs. I believe the fan's frustration stemmed from Milledge's unwillingness to be patient in that spot, but I think the impatience on Milledge's part is to be expected at his young age and there should be more patience on the fans part.

After the game, the Mets designated future-trivia question Eli Marrero for assignment and filled his spot with ex-Yankee Ricky Ledee whom they claimed off waivers from L.A. on Monday.

With the Phillies falling to the Braves, the Mets Magic number is now 38. By the way, my Dad was in town this weekend and made me realize that all this time I should have been pulling for the Braves to win the wild card because Atlanta is just a four hour drive and I could have gone to a playoff game there... Oh well, screw 'em anyway.

Trivia Question of the Day: Who did the Mets trade Kaz Metsui to the Rockies for?

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