Monday, August 07, 2006

The Streak Stoppers

On Friday the Mets pitchers ended Chase Utley's hitting streak at 35, though the team lost 5-3.

On Saturday Tom Glavine and David Wright ended the Philadelphia Wifebeaters winning streak at 4, winning 4-3.

Yesterday Jose Reyes and John Maine the Phillies streak of winning series at 3, as John Maine kept his own streak of 23 scoreless innings with an 8-1 win.

The Mets also announced they had come to terms on a contract extension with David Wright, locking the Golden Boy up for six years with an option for a seventh. Nice. Between him, Beltran and Pedro, it's nice to have our choice of Franchise players.

Speaking of which, tomorrow night marks the return of Mr. Michael Piazza to Flushing. Show Up at Shea and give him a warm welcome, won't ya?

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