Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Big Shout Out To The Gang At The McFadden's

Matt Cerrone sent us to McFadden's tonight, and tonight the Mets faithful showed up to Mcfadden's en masse. Unfortunately, Mcadden's would not comply with the promised deal of unlimited drafts for 20 clams, but a good time was had by all nonetheless. Big ups to Jay, Gabe, Keith, Jeff, Becca and the rest of the crew who who drowned out Phillips, Morgan, and Thorne en route to the Mets 6-5 win over the Brooklyn Dodgers of Los Angeles. Much love to Paul LoDuca for bartending too. Randolph left Mota in too long and Valentin is fortunate not to be the goat, but Mets fans can have no complaints as the bats came through as much as did the bullpen (for the most part). I'm loving being back in the Big Apple for the playoffs. Look for me in Mezz Section 28 tomorrow night at Shea. Lets Go Mets!.

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