Monday, October 02, 2006

Mets 2007 Schedule (tentative)

UPDATE: The full schedule is now posted here.

On Saturday, the Nationals handed out their 2006 team photo to attendees of the game. Printed on the bottom of the photo was the National's 2007 tentative season schedule. I thought that this was rather early for them to announce next year's schedule. Last offseason, I scoured the internet, trying to find out when the Mets would be playing, as I wanted to make my plans to go up to New York for Opening Day as early as possible. Most teams, if I remember correctly, didn't announce anything until December. The Mets were one of the last teams to release their 2006 schedule, but I was able to deduce most of their schedule by looking at the websites for all the other teams.

Tonight, because apparently I am obsessed or something, checked all the MLB websites, and almost every team, except the Mets and Yankees, have released at least their tentative home schedule for 2007. I pieced all the schedules together and created a Mets 2006 season schedule. So, right here at, is the only place right now you can view the 2007 Mets schedule.

It looks like the Mets will open on the road (against a mystery team), and the home opener will be Monday, April 9th against the Philadelphia Phillies. Book your flights early! In interleague action, the Mets will play the Tigers in Detroit and the Twins at home in June. In an oddity, the Mets have 10 games against the Dodgers, seven of those in Los Angeles. Not sure why this is, and maybe this will change when the official schedule comes out. But for now, if you check the Dodgers website, they have the complete schedule up, listing all ten games versus the Mets. So, enjoy! (Click each month for a full-screen view).

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