Friday, October 06, 2006

And Just Wait Until They Start Hitting!

It was awesome to be among the Shea Faithful last night, as the Mets sent the Dodgers to the ropes, taking a 2-0 series lead. It is amazing how much we fans love the characters on this team. From Delgado LoDuca to Jose to Beltran to Cliff to Wright to Endy Chavez, when these guys step up to the plate you can just feel the love. Grady Littles cute little move of starting a lefty didn't quite work out and now the Dodgers season hangs on that flat faced bastard Greg Maddux.

Listen, can we start some kind of movement against "Yankees Sucks" chants at Shea Stadium, except when we're actually playing the Yankees? I can excuse it if and when teh Yankees get eliminated this postseason, but to do it last night, when all our energies should be focused on our own team and the etam we are actually playing, it just reeks of insecurity. Let's stop this obsession with the Junkees when we're at Shea. Should we make up T-Shirts or something?

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sheadenizen said...

Mike, funny...I just posted the exact same thing on Metstradamus'
blog. It drives me insane!
Regardless, let's enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts.
Glad you got to come home and see the Mets. I was there last night as well and only had to close my eyes twice in the 9th!
Let's Go Mets!