Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Transplanted Ex-Mets Update: Art Shamsky

Hat Tip to Regis at Mets Heads for pointing out that 1969 Met Art Shamsky will serve as coach for one of six teams in the new Israeli baseball league.  fans of Everybody Loves Raymond will recall that Raymond's brother Robert (Brad Garrett) had a bulldog named Shamsky on the show.  Jon Stewart also has a pit bull named Shamsky.  Call me an anti-Semite, but I decided to name my French Bulldog Mookie

My cousin named his dog Piazza, which also works pretty well as a dog name.  Unfortunately, none of the current era of Mets have names suitable for canines, at least that I can think of.  Moises?  Milledge?  Not as befitting as the three above, and none of them have the tenure deserving of naming your dog after them anyway. 

I could see a Yankees fan naming their dog Jeter, but A-Rod might get upset if Jeter the Dog didn't sniff A-Rod's butt enough.

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Anonymous said...

are you really saying you couldnt name a dog Ambiorix?

i dig the blog, keep it up.