Saturday, March 03, 2007

Is Lastings Milledge a Tom Petty Fan?

My love for the Mets is only comparable to my admiration for the music of Tom Petty. So, imagine my excitement when I heard Lastings Milledge make a comment that indicated he might be a fellow Tom Petty fan. During an interview with WFAN's Schmuck and His Lap Dog, Lastings was asked why he chose to wear #44. Milledge made it clear it was a nod to Reggie Jackson, apparently a role model of his. Francesca joked that Reggie had as much trouble with the Fenway Green Monster as Milledge. "Don't Do Me Like That!" Milledge responded, laughing. So, is Milledge a Tom Petty fan? Well, if we hear him striding to the plate to "Running Down a Dream" we'll know for sure...

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