Friday, March 30, 2007

2 Days To Decide 2 Roster Spots for 5 Players

With Ben Johnson and Anderson Hernandez sent to AAA, David Lennon says Omar Minaya is considering 5 players for the final 2 spots on the Opening Day Roster.  Here are the known players

1. LoDuca
2. Castro
3. Wright
4. Reyes
5. Valentin
6. Delgado
7. Franco
8. Easley
9. Alou
10. Beltran
11. Green
12. Newhan
13. Chavez
14. Glavine
15. El Duque
16. Maine
17. Perez
18. Wagner
19. Heilman
20. The Show
21. Joe Smith
22. Sele
23. Feliciano
24. ??
25. ??

The contenders:  Mike Pelfrey, Ambi Burgos, Chan Ho Park, Jon Adkins and Lastings Milledge

Jon Adkins hasn't pitched well enough to make the team, but he's out of options so he'd have to clear waivers before being sent to AAA.  He would not clear waivers, meaning he has value and will probably be traded.  Chan Ho Park also is probably more valuable in a trade than in the bullpen.  Mike Pelfrey isn't needed until April 15th, so that would leave Milledge and Burgos.  As long as Milledge's hand is OK, looks like he'll be on the Opening Day roster.

Opening Day starts Sunday night, and Matt Cerrone posted the rotation for the first week of the season:

Sunday: Tom Glavine at St. Louis
Monday: off day
Tuesday: Orlando Hernandez at St. Louis
Wednesday: John Maine at St. Louis
Thursday: off day
Friday: Oliver Perez in Atlanta
Saturday: Tom Glavine in Atlanta
Sunday: Orlando Hernandez in Atlanta
Monday: John Maine vs. Phillies, in home opener

Speaking of the home opener, my tickets arrive in the mail this week!

Transplanted Ex-Mets Update:

Looks like Rey Ordonez has cracked the Mariners Opening Day roster.  Ordonez would be the Mariners backup infielder, a role many would argue he should've had his first go-round.

Jay Payton may begin the season on the disabled list for Duquette's mini-Mets.

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