Friday, March 30, 2007

News: Burgos and Milledge Make Opening Day Roster
Park Accepts Demotion to AAA
We Get To Keep Adkins

Even though I just wrote this morning that Burgos and Milledge would probably take the final two roster spots, I was still a bit shocked to read it was indeed true, and that Chan Ho Park had accepted a demotion to AAA.

Part of the reason I was so surprised was that Park was really, really good in his start today. Park was a last minute starter over Ambiorix Burgos. I wonder if there's something we don't know. Could Pelfrey be a question mark for his start on April 15, and it's now Park who will re-join the team to be the 5th starter? Just a passing thought, but...

Jon Adkins has been outrighted to AAA, and off the 40 man roster. So much for all that talk about him being out of options so he'd either have to be traded because he'd never pass through waivers. I don't understand all that stuff.

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