Sunday, March 25, 2007

Another Big (Scary) Day in Mets Camp

As for as the pro blogs go, John Delcos at The Journal News has got to be the best one going right now. Working seven days a week, with many updates a day, just checking in over at his blog will keep you just about up to the minute on happenings in Mets camp. And, he gives daily rundowns and outlooks for tomorrow as well. He is really doing a nice job over there. The one knock is that he rarely gives links to other blogs, which is pretty much a must for a true blogger, but not doing that is also pretty much standard for these newspaper bloggers.

Anyway, here's what happened today:

We learned that Sele was also getting sent to the pen (along with Park), and that Burgos and Sosa would be sent to AAA.

A day after we realized that Mike Pelfrey had made the rotation, Pelfrey went out and had his worst outing of the Spring. Still, afterwards, he was told officially that he had made the team.

In the ninth inning of today's game, Lastings Milledge was hit on the hand and was sent for x-rays. The best possible news came back: No brak, it's just a contusion. If you're confused about what a contusion is, it's a bruise. He'll be out for a few days, but he's made the team, at least until the Mets need a 5th starter on April 15.

It's all about performance with Willie's New Mets. It ddn't matter that Park and Sele had more experience than Pelfrey - Pelfrey made the rotation over 1999's elite pitchers. It also didn't matter that Burgos and Sosa had power and youth on their side for the bullpen chase, tehy are cut because they didn't pitch well. It seems like it doesn't matter that Jon Adkins has options left - he has stunk in camp and it looks like he'll be traded or released. So be it. So fret not that two of the Mets five starters had thier worst outings these past two days: talent will win out on the Mets. As it will in the NL East.

One week from tonight, kiddies, these games count. And even though the slogan stinks, Our season will have indeed come at last. T minus seven.

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