Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mets Tie Phillies in Wife-Beaters On Roster

A huge thank you to Ryan McConnell for alerting us to the fact that new Met Wil Cordero has a history of spousal abuse accusations against him.

The Phillies may have improved themselves this offseason, but one thing Mets fans could feel good about was that we definitely outclassed their organization. The Phils had rewarded Brett Myers with a new 3 year deal, not shying away from the despicable eyewitness accounts of Myers being seen pulling his wife by the hair through the streets of Boston.

Now the Mets give Cordero a minor league deal. As McConnell accurately states, there is zero upside to this move which potentially clogs a roster spot that a Mike Carp or Michel Abreu could fill just as well. Hey Omar, dump this bum and take a stand that violence against women is unacceptable. It's a GD shame that Jeter's relationship with A-Rod gets more press than Brett Myers and Wil Cordero's relationship with their wives.

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