Friday, March 17, 2006

Metsui Down

As if Kaz Matsui hasn't played poorly enough this Spring (.184 BA, and too many errors), he got hurt yesterday, spraining his knee while sliding into second. He and Willie expect that the injury will only sideline him for a day or two, but every injury he's suffered in the past has seemed to linger endlessly. In any case, all things being equal, Kaz has played the worst of all the second basemen who were competing for the allegedly open job.

My pick for the position was Jeff Keppinger, and he has played the best, but recent reports have said that Willie considered him a longshot at best and Keppinger's apparently headed to Norfolk to start the season regardless.

If Matsui's injury lingers though, this may open up a spot for the kid. We'll see... Of course I wouldn't mind if the job went to Anderson Hernandez either, but it just seems unacceptable to me to allow Matsui to continue his mediocre ways with the big club.


jake said...

oh drat Matsui got hurt. Now we will lose for sure. GO aH!!!!!!! get the job away from crapsui

Mike V said...

Actually, Kaz going down for good would have the potential of being the best thing to happen to the Mets since Derek Bell broke his leg in the 2000 playoffs, allowing Timo Perz to shine and help us get to the World Series.

Of course, Perez's weaknesses were exposed in the WS, and never really improved, so hopefully Hernandez/Keppinger do better long term if they get an opportunity.

jake said...

Ah is going to be a solid player for the Mets . not an all-star but a marcus giles kind who is a very underrated player. Nobody like kepp.