Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Is The West Coast Trip Over Yet?

I can't take this 10:05 games anymore. Not only do I fight to stay awake, but the Mets don't even reward me for my struggles. I turned off the TV in disgust (and in exhaustion) once Glavine intentionally walked Bonds for the second time. I really can't stand this strategy. Sometimes I understand walking a guy with a runner on second, so as to induce a force out or a double play, but the respect given to Bonds at this point is borderline ridiculous. All one has to see is him hobbling around left field to know that he's not the same guy. His only home run this season came in Coors Field, for crying out loud! Brilliant. Intentionally walk a guy with a .389 SLG to get to a guy with the .549 SLG. Asinine.

Glavine lost the game (and screwed up my Fantasy League stats), but fortunately the Braves fell to Milwaukee, keeping them three back of the Mets. Meanwhile, Philadelphia beat Colorado to move within 3 and a half.

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