Thursday, April 27, 2006

Transplanted Ex-Mets Update - Edgardo Alfonzo

According to (registration required), Edgardo Alfonzo isn't happy in Los Angeles of Anaheim and may eventually request a trade from the Angels.

Alfonzo was traded to the Angels from the Giants during the offseason, and feels he hasn't been given enough playing time.

"I came here because they told me I could compete for the third base job. I thought I would get a regular chance to play. If I had seen the situation like this, or seen what it was, I would have stayed. I just want to get playing time. This is the last year of my contract, and I don't think there is any chance for me to get a fair contract next year if I don't play this year. ... I'm trying to be ready for anything either here or someplace else."

Fonzie was a class act for the Mets, and was my favorite player when he was in New York, but I think the 32 year old needs to come to the realization that his value as an everyday player may have passed. He hasn't hit .300 since leaving New York after the 2002 season, and is far removed from 1999, when he had 108 RBI and hit 27 homeruns.

In 8 games this season, Alfonzo is hitting just .158 without an extra base hit in 19 AB's.

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