Monday, April 24, 2006

Keith Hernandez's Cop-Out

As predicted, Keith Hernandez's comments about baseball being "a man's game" during Saturday night's SNY broadcast have not gone unnoticed. An headline read Broadcaster critical of woman's presence in dugout (Has 'Mex' really been out of the game so long that's he's just listed as 'Broadcaster'??). According to Raissman's column, SNY suits 'reprimanded' Hernandez after the game, and "he apologized for his inappropriate comments," SNY spokesman Andrew Fegyveresi said "Now, we move on."

But apparently things won't blow over as quickly as SNY hoped. ESPN has an interview with
Kelly Calabrese on their website now, and SNY has issued a statement about the matter through MetsBlog.

According to ESPN
's column,

Hernandez said Sunday that he was sorry if he offended anyone. He also said that baseball's rulebook allowed only the head trainer and assistant trainer in the dugout.

Okay, Keith, now you're just copping out. I heard the broadcast, and your statement had nothing to do with how many trainers were allowed in the dugout. You specifically said during the game that you were kidding about the "women belong in the kitchen" line but that you felt "very strongly" that baseball "is a man's game." If you feel so strongly about it then own up to it and don't cop out and try and act like you were worried about the Padres following some technicality in the rulebook. You made a sexist comment, period. Everyone's allowed to make a stupid comment, but you need to be "a man" and admit what you said.

By the way, ESPN and Raissman's column both say the trainer's name is Kelly Calabrese, but the Padres website lists her as Kelly McCord. Either way, if she's a qualified professional I don't see why it matters what gender she is. I agree with her comments that Hernandez should use his forum to encourage kids to pursue jobs in baseball, whatever their gender.

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