Tuesday, April 25, 2006

More On Keith Hernandez

Since we're all now hanging on every word Keith Hernandez says during the broadcasts, I thought it would be interesting to note that although Hernandez didn't like seeing Kelly Calabrese in the San Diego dugout, he spent a few minutes last night admiring the California State Flag which he said was the most beautiful of all state flags. Gary Cohen mocked it a bit, saying "it's a bear!" and wondering why the flag reads "California Republic" when California is, in fact, a state. Keith told him not to mess with California and not to mess with the flag.

Keith also said that San Francisco is the most beautiful city in the country. I only reprint this because I got a lot of hits these past two days from people searching for Keith Hernandez's comments, so I guess all of a sudden everyone cares about his opinions on everything.

Keith Hernandez is an expert on baseball because he played a long time and was quite excellent at his craft. However, that doesn't mean his opinions on anything else are worth caring about. We do this with celebrities all the time. For example, I always find myself seeing quotes from actors and actresses about all kinds of other topics such as dieting, politics, and parenting. I'm not insinuating that just because someone is an actor they can't be experts on other things, but maybe we should all stop worrying about what famous people say, period. Keith Hernandez made a stupid and sexist comment and should be called to task for it, but a day later should be enough time for us all to get over it.

By the way, the history of the California state flag can be found here.

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