Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I Should Be Nervous...

In some ways, this is the biggest series of the season so far. Even though getting swept would still leave the Mets with a solid 3.5 game lead on the Phils, this is a BIG series. The reason is apparent to most Mets fans. I know I'm not the only Mets fan who feels like whenever expectations have been at their highest, the Mets have faltered. This is the year, the series, to prove that this year is different. That this TRULY is our team, our time, regardless of how hideous the theme song with that name is.

I'm too much of a true blue (and orange) Mets fan to not BELIEVE that the Mets will win it all, but another part of being a true Mets fan is having had your heart broken so often that it is really hard to lay your heart down again without fear of it being stepped on.

Of course, as all true Mets fans also know, it is impossible to truly love something without loving it completely, so tonight, I will LOVE the Mets. I will BELIEVE! I will sit in front of the television tonight KNOWING that THE METS WILL WIN. I will put my faith in Tom Glavine and put my bravado on the line and predict THE METS WILL WIN ALL THREE GAMES AGAINST PHILADELPHIA. After all, I've still got my broom handy from the Arizona series - I won't put it away until I need to.


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