Saturday, June 17, 2006

After Mets Fail To Win Ninth Straight, I'm At A Loss For Words

I'm too depressed to write full paragraphs. Here's some quick hits.

Melvin Mora taunts me. He's the Transplanted Ex-Met who's trade I lament the most. Even more than that dude I won't mention.

Did you know that Pat Burrell is 0 for 17 against Pedro Martinez?

The Oakland A's have won their 8th straight game, led by Transplanted Ex-Met Jay Payton and Marco Scutaro and Possibly-Soon-To-Be-Transplanted-Future-Met Barry Zito.

The Mets are having their best season in 18 years and yesterday at dinner a friend encouraged me to watch the World Cup this afternoon. He's a Transplanted Ex-European so I forgive him, but really there is no chance of that happening.

Kris Benson pitches at Shea tonight, and still talks like he's on the team. Maybe he'll stink on purpose?

Unless Cliffy Floyd has to go on the DL, It's just about Milledge Time to return to AAA.

Heilman didn't get into the rotation because he was too effective as a reliever. Now that he stinks, will he be slotted in?

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