Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I Wish Every Day Could Be Like Christmas

Doesn't it feel like Christmas today? A seven and a half game lead on the Phillies, an eleven game lead on the Braves, and an offense that just can't stop scoring. The Mets beat the Phillies 9-7 at Citizens Bank Bandbox, thanks to homers by Delgado, Beltran and Wright, some terrific defense by the Mets, some terrible defense by the Phils, and another great pitching performance by Chad Bradford.

Sure, there are things to be concerned about for the nitpickers - Glavine had his second iffy outing in a row, Heilman was extremely shaky, and even Wagner had to be bailed out by his defense - but a win tonight or tomorrow will have me clearing off my October calendar for a trip up North.

Hey, is it just me or was Howie Rose off his game last night? He didn't know how many outs there were in an inning at one point, and he was pretty shaky on a few other calls as well. When's Gary Cohen due back, anyway? Xavier Nady is back from his appendectomy, playing games in AAA. Cohen just has to talk!

Transplanted Ex-Met Update - Armando Benitez Freaks Out
Thanks Metstradamus for this link. Benitez went off the deep end after yesterday's game, ranting against the media, his teammates, the fans, and basically asking to be traded. Some choice quotes:

On the media:
"It's like we never do something right. They only want to put you down on the ground, make you feel dirty and make you feel bad.... Jon Miller, all the people who work for the Giants, work on TV, say a lot of (stuff), say the bullpen is terrible, and then they come to the clubhouse like nothing (happened). I say put on a uniform and play. I bet you get your ass kicked."

On his teammates:
"I don't give a damn if guys in here have confidence in me," Benitez said. "I know what I can do."

On the fans:
"I want to put this in the paper: All the guys who boo me, I want you to go do my job. You go warm up four times in the bullpen, sit down, come back, warm up again in the rain and the cold and go in the game, and try to do your best."

But here was the best evidence he's lost his mind:

"You don't respect me, it's a big mistake - a big mistake. Because I've been in the playoffs more than anybody here. I've (played for) better teams than this."

Uh, Armando, do you really want to bring up your performances in the playoffs?

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