Monday, June 12, 2006

Sale On Brooms - This Weekend!

Today 's a day I miss being in New York. It would be great to harass some Yankees fans. The Mets sweep the first place Diamondbacks while the Yankees get swept at home by the A's. The best I can do is remind my co-worker who's a Braves fan that Atlanta is now 10 full games back of first place. If the Mets can take two out of three from the Phillies in the series starting tomorrow, it might just be enough to put away the division.

On the flip side of missing New York is that I will get to miss the anticipated hysteria today over the news that Pedro's toe is acting up. Not to diminish Martinez's role on this club, but honestly if he has to miss a couple starts it would not be the end of the world for the Mets. In fact, I'd rather him rest his arm for a week or two in June and have his stamina preserved for September (and hopefully October). The Mets have built the best record in the National League by only getting two wins in a Pedro martinez start in the last six weeks. Just imagine if Pedro was on his A-game with stamina.

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